Ashpark is a home for forgotten memories. Though the songs reflect images of isolation and uneasiness towards an uncertain future, there is also hope for what that future might hold. Where there is urgency, there is intimacy as well. From this place forms a music, new and yet hauntingly familiar, exploring the places within us all that we might otherwise have forgotten. The band’s music is an eclectic form of melodic rock and experimental effects that craft a unique sound with both an edge and an intimacy. The songs feature atmospheric textures and introspective lyrics, with distinct and driving rhythms.

Ashpark formed in the Fall of 2007 when Ariel Aparicio and Josh Jordan began creating what would become the first set of Ashpark songs. Chris Barnes joined the group in early 2008 and brought his classically-trained drumming skills to Ashpark’s rhythm section. Chris Burke was soon added as lead guitarist, and with his anthemic melodies, Ashpark’s lineup was complete. The band began crafting their songs in earnest, and soon after started playing local Boston venues TT the Bear’s, Great Scott and O’Brien’s.

2010 saw significant time spent in the studio with engineer/producer Chris McLaughlin of Aberdeen City, as well as Brian Charles and Annie Hoffman of Zippah Studios, further developing and tempering the band’s sound. In December of 2010, the band self-released their first single, “The Riddle”, a song that went through many phases and was completed with helpful guidance from Jim Gilbert of The Sheila Divine, receiving significant airplay on WZLX’s Boston Emissions.

In April 2011, the band released a 3 song introduction CD containing “The Riddle”, “Smile” and “Slow Breaths”, which aired on WFNX. The band spent most of 2011 in the studio recording their debut album Life in Satellites, which was released in March 2012, led with single "This Condition". Ashpark is breaking to radio with airplay and live radio performances and is pursuing film and TV licensing opportunities as well.